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TEST DRIVE: Joint General Manager ODF G. Sujatha during a trial run of BMP Tanker Ambulance for its floatation capacity in Malkapur Tank

The officials of Ordinance Defence Factory (ODF) have test driven two amphibious vehicles at Malkapur in Kondapur tank. The flotation capacity of these vehicles was tested on Wednesday at the tank under the supervision of Joint General Manager G. Sujatha.

According to officials these vehicles were designed by Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) and produced at the ODF to meet the requirements of the defence wings.

The production wing would test one or two vehicles from the produced lot to check the flotation capacity in the water.

These indigenously developed and produced vehicles - Sarath and Armoured Ambulance Tracker - were sealed from inside so that they can withhold seeping in of water when these vehicles are being driven in water. The vehicles will run at a speed of 65 kilometres per hour on hard terrain while it will be seven kilometres in water, according to sources.

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