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Terror mastermind Hafiz Saeed called upon Pakistan to shift its focus from India to USA. According to a report in India Today, Saeed said Pak ought to build relations with India to take on USA. Mocking India and USA, he said: "There is a bounty worth crores on me but in the last five years US could not achieve anything out of it. I am at peace when India gets worried about me or when US comes to Pakistan asking about me."

He also slammed the Pak government for letting down Kashmiris saying: “Kashmiris are laying down their lives... the problem is with those sitting in Parliament in Pakistan, who have been voted to power by you. They are the real roadblocks because they have to look the US' way.”

He urged the Pak government to build ties with India, stating the US would block such an effort. Speaking about being ‘globally isolated’, he said India would understand ‘isolation’ when Kashmir gets freedom. He said: “All parties should come together for Kashmir's freedom. India cannot do anything. Don't remember the US but remember Allah.” He also claimed that the surgical strikes were ‘drama’ and exposed India’s ‘false bravado’.

Earlier, a lawmaker from Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's party has questioned the government over its continued patronage to JuD chief and mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attack Hafiz Saeed, describing it as a reason for international isolation of the country.

"Which eggs is Hafiz Saeed laying for us that we are nurturing him? The efficacy of our foreign policy speaks for itself when we could not curtail Hafiz Saeed," PML-N parliamentarian Rana Muhammad Afzal said during a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs on Thursday.

"India has built such a case against us about the JuD chief that during the meeting on Kashmir, foreign delegates mention Saeed as the bone of contention between Pakistan and India," Afzal said.

He recalled his recent trip to France, where he had been tasked to explain the worsening situation in Kashmir and said that the name of Saeed was brought up time and again by foreign delegates as he is considered a 'notorious character' in international circles.

Furious over Afzal's remarks, Saeed asked Sharif to take action against such people in the ruling party. "I caution Nawaz Sharif to be aware of his 'foolish friends' who are hurting the Kashmir cause. They must have some hidden agenda which the premier should dig out," Saeed said in response. He said such elements are trying to create differences between the Pakistan army and the civilian government and this will be very dangerous for the country.

Source:- DNA

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